Blended Malt, batch 2 (70 cl, 47% vol.)

Blended Malt, batch 2 (70 cl, 47% vol.) 2018-11-28T16:32:08+01:00

Project Description

Blended Malt, batch 2

Batch 2 is a blend of cask strength Single Malts from distilleries in Speyside, the Highlands and the Isle of Islay. The blend is aged before being diluted to 47% with pure Unst water.

The nose opens with peat, giving way to something softer with notes of butter, vanilla and finally toffee cooking on the stove. The first sensation on the palate is of sweet dried fruits, rich caramel, dates and raisins, with peat and then black peppers. The finish is long, with the dried fruits, peat and peppers all lingering and warming.