Engenhos do Norte

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Project Description

Engenhos do Norte

Founded in 1927, but using 19th century machinery, Engenhos do Norte, located in Porto da Cruz – Madeira Island, is reputed to be the last steam-powered rum distillery in Europe.

This distillery produces only Agricole Rum, exclusively obtained by alcoholic fermentation and distillation of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, and owns several brands such as: Branca, Rum North and 970 for dark and aged rums.

Since 2013, Engenhos do Norte belongs to J.Faria & Filhos, (J.Faria & Sons) a family-owned company that has been producing spirits since 1949, and now with Engenhos do Norte, they are able to control the entire production process of agricole rum, from manufacturing until bottling.

Founded in 1949, J. Faria & Filhos, Lda. is a family business that is now in hands of the second generation.

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