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About ten years ago, during my first trip to Scotland, I started to discover the vast world of whisky.

I gradually began to visit one distillery after another and I must have been to more than 35 by now. It get to the point where the guides say they don’t think they have much more to tell me, but that isn’t true. I learn anecdotes, architecture and the story of each distillery itself.

Today, I have a degree in Fundamentals of Distilling from the London Institute of Brewing and Distilling. I also spent five days working with Strathearn distillery’s team at the start of their venture, before taking part in a session of the Springbank Whisky School a couple years ago. An interesting session albeit a little ‘touristic’ and self-promoting.

Services for professionals

Do you have whiskies/gins that you want to showcase to your customers, but don’t have time or knowledge to do so in-house? Munros sprl is at your service and is available to present your products to your customers. Behind every bottle is a distillery and a story… Some extra details to promote sales !

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You are already retailing or want to sell the products we import and distribute in Belgium? You want to showcase them to your customers and benefit from learning more about them yourself? We also offer tastings for this purpose.

Please get in touch to discuss terms and conditions

You want to showcase your range of whiskies and gins, but don’t yet have the necessary knowledge in-house?

Why not train your sales team or simply introduce them to these products? The training and introduction vary in length, but both focus on techniques, production and of course labels-reading rather than on the history of distilleries or whisky in general, as these are aspects that can easily be learned independently.

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