Dunedin Rum (70 cl, 43% vol.)

Dunedin Rum (70 cl, 43% vol.) 2018-11-13T10:12:53+01:00

Project Description

Dunedin Rum

In 2017, Strathearn distillery developed its Dunedin Golden Rum, probably the first Scottish Golden Rum for more than 100 years!

It is a molasses-based rum, distilled in a ‘pot still’, aged and bottled in Perthshire, within the heartland of Scotland.

It has a bold, fruity nose with notes of dark chocolate.

On the palate, a complex blend of sweet vanilla and spicy flavours gives way to a finish of caramel and burnt sugar with an oaky aftertaste.

It’s presented in a unique bottle (70cl) paying tribute to Scotland and Muireadhach (Murdina), the legendary Sea Warrior!