Hedgehog Whisky (70 cl, 47% vol.)

Hedgehog Whisky (70 cl, 47% vol.) 2018-11-05T16:01:12+01:00

Project Description

Hedgehog Whisky

This whisky is named after the French town of Hérisson (which means ‘hedgehog’), in the north of the Auvergne region, where its journey began.

“Monsieur Balthazar” created this whisky by combining three grains: organic corn (65%), malted barley and rye. These same ingredients as in American bourbon, which is hardly surprising as the town is in the old French duchy of Bourbon.

After fermentation, the ‘wash’ is distilled twice, very slowly in a double-boiler Holstein still.

The whisky is then stored for three years in barrels made of oak from the local Tronçais forest before being transferred to old cognac barrels. In total, the whisky is aged for 6 to 8 years before being bottled and sold.

  • Appearance: copper colour with orange reflections.
  • Nose: peppery vanilla, mild tobacco, candied orange. The grain, or rather grains, are equally identifiable. Together they form the unifying thread of the whisky, as is the case with many American whiskies.
  • Palate: the 45° strength is tempered by the sweet vanilla notes coming from the brand new barrels. The bourbonesque hint of grain is also evident here, characteristic of this product.
  • Finish: this whisky brings out bittersweet notes of stone fruits.