Roslags Sailing Citron (50 cl, 40% vol.)

Roslags Sailing Citron (50 cl, 40% vol.) 2018-11-13T16:36:59+01:00

Project Description

Roslags Sailing Citron 

Roslags Sailing Citron is an eau de vie (aquavit in Swedish) distilled from lemons and locally grown dill from Väddö, a town located 30 km from the distillery.

The label uses the national colours of Sweden, while the tilted bottle evokes sailing, and thus the sea, which is never far away on the Roslagen archipelago located some 100 km north of Stockholm.

The 17th century saw the arrival of thousands of Walloons, who settled in these central Swedish regions and contributed to the rise of the steel industry in the Scandinavian kingdom.

This organic certified aquavit refreshes both nose and palate, containing an authentic lemon flavour accompanied by spicy notes.

You can serve it chilled with fish or seafood dishes, for example, or simply serve it neat at room temperature to savour this fruit-based spirit with its rich aromas.